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The content in these pages has been compiled with the intent to share some of our enjoyment in our poultry hobby.
We do not claim to have the best show birds, but, the show reports will reflect that we do have some of the best.
We reside in south central Virginia and travel to several states along the eastern seaboard to exhibit our birds against some of the best competition anywhere. This is our hobby and we love the challenge and rewards that it brings to us.
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This is a Black Cochin Bantam Hen

We raise several breeds of poultry.

We have Partridge and Buff varieties in the standard size Cochins.
We have Black, Buff, and White varieties in the bantam size Cochins.
Barred is our favorite in the Plymouth Rock bantams.
To round out our little poultry world, we also have White Call Bantam Ducks and a few Guinea Fowl.
After raising and exhibiting poultry for many years, we have learned quite a bit about what it takes to produce champion birds. As a result, we have been very successful in many regional exhibits. We can not show them all and we do sell surplus birds that could be champions in their own rights. We never sell any of our birds that do not have the potential of being a winner or producers of winners.

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Photos Of Some Of Our Poultry

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